Monday, November 1

We will meet at Indian Rock Park in Berkeley.  If you pack light to sketch or work in watercolors you can climb the rocks and get stunning views.  There are also place to set up an easel. The rocks themselves are pretty dramatic.

From 80 take the Albany exit and follow Buchanan across San Pablo where it becomes Marin. Take Marin all the way to the Circle.  Go around the Circle and bear right on Indian Rock.  The park is on the left.

You can also come from San Pablo or Richmond on the Arlington. Go all the way to the Circle and go around an bear right onto Indian Rock.           There are no bathrooms.

Saturday, October 30

There are showers forecast for this session, therefore it has been cancelled. We'll try again next week.

Two Members of East Bay Landscape Painters Win Awards

Larry Hatfield
Marilyn Hill

Marilyn Hill and Larry Hatfield have in the last month both won awards for one of their paintings. Larry's watercolor Mt. Shasta from the North was shown in the El Cerrito Art Association Show and won both Honorable Mention and a Glen Gallery Merchant's Award.  Marilyn Hill won a Third Place Ribbon in the Valona Paint Out  for her watercolor Albany Dragon done at the Albany bulb just a little over a week ago.  You can still see her painting as the show continues at the Epperson Gallery at 1400 Pomona Street in Crockett until Sunday, November 7.  The gallery is open Thursday thru Sunday from 11 to 5.  Congratulations to both of you.

View From Albany Bulb

I thought I was alone but Marilyn was at the bulb also that day. I took a position at the front of the park with a view of Albany hill. I had a black lab and a long haired  dachshund as models.  Karen

Painting for Monday, October 25

If it is dry tomorrow we will meet in Berkeley at 2nd and Virginia below San Pablo and find a place to paint in the mixed industrial and residential flat area.   Check in the morning to see if rain has cancelled the session.

Saturday, October 23

We will return to the Saint Joseph's cemetery in San Pablo. From 80, take the El Portal exit towards an Pablo. Go under the overpass, and continue along El Portal. Soon after you pass Fordham, you will see Church Lane to your left. Turn left on Church Lane and look to the left side of the road, and you will soon see the cemetery's entrance. We will meet in the parking lot immediately after the entrance, to the right. No facilities, or water. Rain cancels this outing, and a cancellation notice will be posted on this blog at least an hour before the outing.

Albany Dragon, Waterfront Park

Valona Paintout, Epperson Gallery, Crockett
Reception: Saturday, 10/23/10, 5:00-7:00

Larry, Leslie, maybe Geri and I are painting in the Valona Paint-Out this week in Crockett. This year we were able to paint places other than Crockett if we chose; so I took our Monday morning painting session as an opportunity to paint the dragon in Albany Waterfront Park,--something I've wanted to do for a long time. I ended up coming early and so naturally didn't see anyone.
Anyway, come join us for the reception.

Marilyn Hill
15 X 11"

Farmead Park in San Pablo

Farmead Park is above single family homes in San Pablo and affords a view of suburban life.  I painted a scene of this family getting ready for a Saturday outing.  It is acrylic on 18 by 24 canvas.

Monday, October 18

We will meet at the Albany Bulb.

Directions: On highway 80, take the Buchanan exit if coming from Berkeley, Emeryville or Oakland. Go toward the water and under the freeway. Continue west.  Take the Albany exit if you're coming from El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Martinez or Richmond. Proceed along the frontage road, go under the freeway and make a left on any of the streets leading to Albany, then a right at the first opportunity. Turn right on Buchanan and go under the freeway. You will see the racetrack parking lot to your left and some marsh to your right. park at the end of the road, by the trailhead if possible so we can see each other.

Painting for Saturday, October 16

We will meet at St Joseph Cemetary, 2560 Church Lane in San Pablo.  Take the El Portal exit from 80 and  go under the freeway staying on El Portal.  Continue past Fordham one block  amd go left at Rollingwood.  Rollingwood becomes Church Lane and you should see the Cemetary.


I walked into the Park and I knew this heavily accessed telephone pole was definitely the next subject. After I painted everything I noticed the tree looked like a big wooky, caressing -- or -- stalking; the pink splats in the sky -- communications from above. Anyway, it was great fun trying to figure out which wires went where.

Marilyn Hill
15 X 11

Lake Anza

It was a grey day at the lake. When the sun broke thru the water had lots of depth and then the sky changed and the water was flat and grey. I painted back and forth until I was worn out. It is an acrylic on 18 by 24 canvas.  Karen

The Painting session for Monday, October 11 is cancelled

The trip to Mt Diablo has been canceled.  Monday is a a holiday and we have not recieved any RSVP for the painting session.  

Saturday, October 9

We return to Fairmead Park. From 80, take the El Portal exit and turn left at the light at the end of the ramp. continue as if you were going to San Pablo. Turn right on Fordham, right on Moyers, and left on Joan. Park at the end of the trailhead. No water or facilities.

Eucalyptus at Fairmead Park

Fairmead Park is a smallish urban park in Richmond, CA. I had intended to paint some view of San Pablo, but when I saw this tree, I knew that is what I wanted to paint. After I painted the main tree, I realized that I needed another background tree. So I painted the tree on the left. I wasn't sure it was going to work to paint the background tree after the main tree. I usually would have painted the bg first.

Larry Hatfield
10.25 x 14.5"

Albany Paintings Posted on Albany Website

The editor of the Albany Patch news website has posted our paintings on the website. They look good and it is a nice way to reach people in Albany and share our work.  It is a well done website and I have joined to get their weekly newsletter.


Monday, October 4

We will return to Lake Anza.   You can get directions at the Website. See the post from last week below.

Saturday, Oct 2

We will paint at Fairmead Park, atop a hill overlooking El Portal, and situated behind Highland Elementary school. From 80, take the El Portal exit and go west, under the freeway and away from El Sobrante. Continue on El Portal Dr as if you were going to San Pablo, but turn right on Fordham. Start going up the hill on Fordham, then make a left on Moyers Rd. At the fork go right on Canterbury Dr, and make a right on Holly Path. We'll meet at the end of Holly Path.