China Camp

Yes, we'll venture off the East Bay this Saturday, to China Camp. This jewel of the peninsula is slated for closure soon, so we will try to go at least two weeks in a row. Bring an umbrella for the sun, there are few shady spots where the views are. Bring drinking water and a cell phone. 

Directions to China Camp:
Take highway 580 or 80 over San Rafael Bridge, then 101 North toward San Rafael. Exit right on N. San Pedro Exit (east) toward China Camp State Park (follow "China Camp State Park" signs). This exit is just before the Civic Center so if you've gotten to the Civic Center you've gone to far. You'll see a 7/11 at a stop sign on the right. Keep going straight. Sunny Oaks Rd is the beginning of the Park. Keep going. Continue on winding road through park. You will pass three paid parking lots on the left hand side...Buckeye Pt, Weber Pt. and Bullhead. 

Continue to China Camp Beach parking lot where we will meet (the one that has the fishing village in it). We may want to paint in the fishing village, or at some point before. There are some beautiful marshes with orange stuff along the way. It is important that if you are going to arrive late, you let us know. Also, don't forget to RSVP.  Click here for more information on China Camp.
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The East Bay Open Studios Starts This Weekend

Support your colleagues by paying a visit. The East Bay Open Studios will take place June 2-3 and 10-11, however, not everyone is showing both weekends. To be sure, check out your friends'
entries in the Pro Arts Online Gallery
There are several members of our group showing. We all hope to see you!