Saturday, April 30

We'll meet at the corner of Navellier Street and Schmidt Lane in El Cerrito. Take the Central exit, make a left on San Pablo Ave, and a right on Moeser. Make a left on Navellier and a right on Schmidt Lane. On Schmidt Lane, there is a dirt road entering the Hillside Natural Area. This hill affords natural and urban views. Bring your own water and a cell phone. Please park on Schmidt Lane and wait for the others.

Monday, April 25

The spring rain goes on and on so we will have to cancel this session. We will meet at Sunset View Cemetery at Colusa and Fairmont Streets in Kennsington.  Betsy will be the lead for the day. Meet her at the parking lot and she will show you a good place to paint at the cemetery. It may rain on Monday so check the blog by 9 am for cancellation. 

Here is a link to the directions

Monday, April 18

The chance of rain is very high this morning so we have canceled this session. We will try again next week.

Saturday, April 16

We will meet at Harrison Park, on 5th and Harrison Streets in Berkeley. Take highway 80, get off at Gilman, turn left on 5th street, and park past Harrison, by the parking spaces by the park. We will decide where to paint once we meet there.

Camelia and 9th Street

It was nice to meet and paint with the fellow landscape artists.  This was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The location was at the corner of Camelia  and 9th Street in Berkeley. The painting was done with acrylic.  I emphasized the light on the sidewalk and tried to make the mailbox look more interesting.  The size of the painting was 9" x 12" canvas panel.      Philip Ng

Berkeley Adventure and Oriental Rug Co.

I headed down to the Berkeley Marina Saturday morning but unluckily for me I had inadverantly left my headlights on and when it came time to join the EBLP, I was waiting for the AAA truck. I amused myself while waiting by watching the local kids flying their kites nearby.
After my car was charged up ( by driving to have lunch at El Pollo Loco-yum!) I headed over to 9th and Camelia Street where the East Bay Landscape Painters were gathered. I was able to park a short distance down the street and captured this view of the Oriental Rug Company.  A fun end to an adventurersome day!  "Oriental Rug Company" 12" x18" pastel on black paper.    Janice Lopez

Monday, April 11

We will meet at Sunset View Cemetery at Colusa and Fairmont Streets in Kennsington.

Here is a link to the directions

Saturday, April 9

We will meet at 8th and Camelia in Berkeley. Take highway 80 to the Gilman Ave exit. Go towards town on Gilman, but turn right on 8th. One block later, you will run into Camelia. Park near any of the corners. We will meet at this intersection. No bathrooms or water. Bring your cell phone and your own water for cleaning.

Below San Pablo in Berkeley

We have been painting below San Pablo in Berkeley. There are a lot of intersting streets with a mixture of small cottages and light industry and we have just begun to explore the possiblities. This is a 24 by 30 acrylic done at the corner of Camelia and 8th Street.  We are going to go there again this Saturday.


Saturday, April 2

We will meet at Sunset View Cemetery in Kensington. It is located at Fairmont and Colusa Ave.

From the top left section of the Cemetery there are good views of Albany Hill, El Cerrito, Berkeley and the Bay.  We will meet at the parking lot just inside the gates. The director has given us permission to paint on the grounds.  Here is a link to the directions: