More from Meeker Slough

We have one more day scheduled at Meeker Slough to finish our marathon session there. Here is another one I worked on.

Fall at Meeker Slough   acrylic on canvas 20 by 30

Meeker Slough at High Tide

We have gone to Meeker Slough so many times this fall. Everytime we are there people want to go back again. It is actually a very modest place on the Bay trail so close to the condos on the bay in Richmond. But the more you look at the place the more you see to paint.  Last time we were there it was high tide and it was completeley different.  A different place entireley.

High Tide, Meeker Slough           acrylic on canvas 20 by 24

Dec 2, a warm welcome to EBLP

On a gray morning, this morning in drizzly  December, members of the East Bay Landscape Painters group were not dissuaded from painting by tough conditions. In fact, we painted in spite of the foggy weather, the cold feet in our shoes and a landscape that could hardly be called easy to paint. We were at Meekers Slough, a favorite EBLP spot. It's an easy place to see birds and water and lucky for me, when I arrived late around 11:30, the scene had settled, the fog had lifted, and the water had risen. Rumor has it, the marsh dried up earlier in the day which presented significant challenges to those who now had to paint a totally different scene. Fortunately the artists gracefully made adjustments: two pairs of gloves for the cold, hat for the sun, and my favorite, multiple canvasas and paintings for the temperamental  weather.

I really enjoyed my first painting experience painting with the EBLP today and was so inspired by the work of everyone there.

Painting 1: oil on canvas Meekers Slough (l2/2/13)
Painting 2: oil on canvas Meekers Slough (11/30/13)