Rumrill Road

Finally got myself sufficiently organized to share these recent paintings, mostly of the Rumrill Road and Market intersection. I've somehow grown attached to the place, have encountered many appreciative people and had some interesting chats. Color is what fascinates me at the moment, and especially the impact that different light has, so it's been really great to keep returning to the same place under different conditions, and to keep looking and noticing and looking some more. These are still in progress and quite close to finished paintings but I'm still learning when to stop, and when to go on. I really want to paint the area near the tracks and maybe a freight train if I can do it, and also to put more people in - maybe when the weather improves a bit there will be more people out and about.

Oil on canvas 16 x 24 inches


  1. These are great and so very exciting. Looking forward to your other explorations of the urban landscape.

  2. Hey thanks Rebeca! (and for your wonderful hospitality today) ... it will all work out and fingers crossed you can make it for the reception.

  3. These came along very well. I like them all. I love the cars in the bottom one and the colors too.