Monday, July 11

We will be visiting Inspiration Point at  Tilden Park in Berkeley.  There are restrooms. We will meet in the parking lot's middle area, under the shade of the Monterrey pines. Please RSVP if you're coming. Be prepared to go for a 5 minute walk on a gentle sloping hill.  Getting back up the hill can be harder so pack accordingly.

Directions: The park is located in the Berkeley hills just north of Highway 24--take the Fish Ranch Road exit east of the Caldecott Tunnel, drive uphill, and turn right at Grizzly Peak Blvd. From Grizzly Peak, you will pass the Lomas Cantadas Steam Trains entrance, the South Park Drive entrance, the Golf Course Road entrance, and the the Shasta Road entrance. Or, enter the park from its west side in Berkeley from Canon Drive where Wildcat Canyon Road and Grizzly Peak Boulevard intersect. Or, you can also enter the park on its east side from Wildcat Canyon Road off San Pablo Dam Road just north of Orinda Village (take the Orinda exit off Highway 24 east of the Caldecott Tunnel). 

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