Miller Knox From Crest Avenue

We stopped under a tree at the begining of the paved road leading all the way to the top. I had a big aluminum easel and wasn't going to make it anyway. This was the view and I had a big canvas, 24 x 36". I did not even come close to finishing during the first three hours. I placed it in my living room and stared at it every day during dinnertime. Eventually I realized what was wrong. The water was flat and there was not enough to interest the eye land-wise. So I returned the next Saturday and worked on those two things. I missed Karen to tell me when I was done, so I may have worked on it more than was needed. Also, the wind kicked us around. The acrylics dried on contact, and the wind was so strong that when I squeezed the bottles of Golden liquid acrylic, flecks of paint decorated the palette. My studio easel was weighted down with a two gallon water bottle and a backpack, and it still got overturned!

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  1. I dont think you overdid it. You get the feeling very strongly now of the curve of the earth as you look out at the water and the land stretching into the distance.