Monday, Oct 31

We will meet at Meekers Slough in Richmond.


From Berkeley, take hwy 80, then hwy 580 toward the Richmond Bridge.

Take the South 23rd St/Marina Bay Pkwy exit off hwy 580.
Turn left (over hwy) on Marina Bay (1st traffic light).
Continue on Marina Bay across Regatta (4th traffic light).
Turn left on Bayside Drive off Marina Bay (about 0.4 miles from Marina Bay/Regatta intersection).
From the parking area, it’s approximately 1 block to the Meeker Slough.
Continue to end of Bayside Drive.  There is a small area to park (10 spaces or so + sign for public access). 
If the parking lot is full, you can park on nearby Shimada Park and walk approximately two block to the same slough.

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