Godzilla Shows Up In EL Sobrante

Godzilla Shows Up In El Sobrante, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24"
As a child I watched the Japanese series Ultraman on TV. There was no Godzilla in it, but there was a character, Dada, which struck fear in my six year old self. I decided I would include one of these characters in a painting after watching another painter, Julie, do something similar during a figure painting session. While researching these characters, I saw a picture of the old Godzilla and thought he would be perfect for this El Sobrante landscape, painted with our landscape group while on the hill at the end of Hidden Springs Court. After a few studies, I ended up placing him behind the hill that shows some of the homes on Painted Pony Rd.  


  1. This is pretty wild. Actually when we were paiting there I saw some giant lizards that looked a lot like Godzilla.

  2. Ha ha ha ha, you've made me laugh. What is really wild is that the topography of this place looks nothing like what you see on Google Earth, once you get there.