A Good Painting Spot

Cumming Skyway     watercolor   9 by 12

Sharon Hind- Smith sent this painting she did of Cummings Skyway.

 We have been going to this spot on and off all year.  For me it is a really good spot.  Althoough it is not the most beautiful spot we have been too it has the rolling hills and the scrubby little trees that I often associate with the California landscape and some very wonderful California landscape paintings. The light is always revealing something different and the colors change with the season. Because there is nothing dramatic or remarkable I have to really work to develop a composition that is effective and that makes me look harder.   There is also access right near the road and it is private so we work undisturbed.  Karen

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  1. Nice composition, Sharon.I love the way you painted the grass in the foreground, too.