Monday Locations

The Monday Coordinating Committe have chosen the locations for November and December.  Next week we will go back to Crest Ave.  The following Monday we will go  to a new location at Viano Winery in Martinez. Thanks go to Iris for calling and making a reservation for us.   The locations will also be posted on the page on the blog called Monday locations.  But remember they can sometimes be changed due to weather or if we decide to go back to a certain location again.  As long as you are subscribed to the listserve you will get a notice each weekend confirming the location and giving directions.   We will take a two week break at the end of December because our painting day falls on Christmas and New Years eve but will resume in January.  So if you have any suggestions for locations for the new year please let us know.         Karen

12      Crest Ave.  Point Richmond      Betsy
19      Viano Vineyard  Martinez         Karen
26      Tormey                                      Karen
3            Tormey                                  Betsy
10          Piedmont Park                       Linda
17          Albany Bulb                           Carol


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