Keith's Garden

Keith Stover is a landscape designer and one of our members went to his garden on the Montclair Gardent Tour and arranged for us to come and paint.  It is about one acre and very beautiful.  He has a a lot of native plans but says he has branched out to put in other plants he loves and wanted in his garden.  I painted one of the inviting sitting areas with a view of his house.  He was very gracious and it was a great place to spend some time.   Karen

Keith's Garden                                                                      acrylic  18 by 24


  1. I really like the mix of clear and "muddy" color in this. And the different -sizes and shapes of the marks! The dark shadows on the left really create the space beautifully.

  2. Thanks Betsy. After I did this garden scene I looked at Ying Li's garden series line.

    Now I want to go to lots of gardens!

  3. Yes! I see what you mean. Really great. thanks.