In and around Berkeley.

Karen pointed out today that it's been a long time since we posted to this site. Boy is she right!

One of my goals for the past year has been to learn to feel comfortable painting in a small format. I have a bias toward larger scale, because it allows for ample movement of my brush, and shows off gesture so beautifully. I wanted to create paintings with a physical presence in spite of their small size.

It has taken quite a bit of time to work toward this goal.

Betsy Kendall, Trail Crossing, at Urban Ore , 18" square, Oil.

Trail Crossing goes back to last year's outing at our local construction junkyard. The yard is surrounded by interesting construction supply businesses and warehouses. Plus you can see the hills to the east.

 Betsy Kendall, Tilden Trees, 16" square, oil.

We all tried various views of Tilden Park from a rise in a popular dog-walk trail. Lots of pines and redwoods give way to a view of golden grass and ridgetop trees. Interesting changeable light, and some stressed conifers turning red-brown in bits made it interesting.
Betsy Kendall, Gateway, University Village, 18" square, oil.

Gateway was one of three I tried at the end of 6th Street in Berkeley, where a park marks a "daylighted"creek, and international families stroll in and out to the University's student housing. Albany Hill is seen in the distance.

I was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, and everyone was very friendly and curious. I also saw a Belted Kingfisher perched above the little creek (behind me in this painting), looking for fish in this new hunting-ground.

Only Anytime, 16" square

Only Anytime was from one of the group's trips to the Berkeley waterfront park, near a lagoon where people row. Lots of parking restrictions! But trees and greenery, and wading birds, too.

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  1. Thanks Betsy. These look good and it is interesting to read about the process too! I like the dimensions of the small one. Some are square I think and you make them work.