Low Tide Near China Beach

I was painting near Vicki Salzman, on a narrow trail just above the beach on a very sunny Monday. Because it took more time than normal to get to this park in Marin, I was trying to load some calories by munching on these potato chips I had brought, and later on a chinese chicken salad that I had bought on the way there. My paints were drying fast because of the heat and the backs of my arms got sunburned, because I stupidly wore a short-sleeved polo to paint on a day like this! The pool near the small beach was full of the richest, most incredible reds, blues, greens, in fact it was like a lesson in RGB color. Vicki and I were fascinated by it (so was Marilyn), but we also discovered just how difficult it was to depict that color while remaining true to the values in the overall scene. This was my attempt at low tide. Rebeca

Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16"


  1. The water is great. Love the colors and it looks good with Marilyn's. Would show them together when EBPA has their show.