Alameda Trawler

This huge red ship was sitting at the boatyard, getting maintenance. I spied it on my way inside the ferry parking lot, and stationed myself just outside the fence surrounding the boatyard to paint it. There was a terrible noise from what seemed like sandblasting, and every once in a while a loudspeaker as well. The workers were curious about us, but could not see what we were doing. After 3:00 pm a cold wind started blowing and I hurried to finish, knowing that most likely the boat would not be there by the following Saturday. I had arrived late and left by 4:00 pm, so I completed this 20 x 24" acrylic in record time due to the bad conditions. Update, upon our return the following week, the hull had been repaired and the whole ship looked like new.

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  1. Really strong subject and the painting conveys that exact impression!