Mariners Lagoon

I walked and walked in Washington Park before I found this
little Lagoon/pond. The coots kept trying to get a closer look at
what I was doing. It was sandy and the sand would blow into my palette and on the painting. There was a chain link fence around tennis courts behind, but I didn't want to paint that so I just grayed out the background. The water was smooth when I started but as the wind kicked up, it changed. The yellow show was the attraction at first, then I liked the tree. Anyway, another Alameda painting done. I need at least 2 more for the Frank Bette Art & Wine Gala, April 17th at the Rock Wall Winery. I tried a different paper, Stephen Quiller Watercolor cold pressed. It was different, seemed to soak and dry faster than Arches. I am so used to Arches, I am not sure about the new one.

10" x 14" watercolor
Larry Hatfield

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  1. Ok you're ahead of me. Lucky you. I've almost got one studio painting done. But I bought a ton of frames today.