Belated Wildcat Creek (down Rifle Range)

I started this painting 18 months ago, but was not able to finish it right away because of its size (30 x 40"), and the difficulty of getting to the spot I chose to paint. The trail at the end of Rifle Range is a long half mile down a steep hill crossed by Wildcat Creek. Then you go uphill for a while in order to see this view. I was carrying at least 30 pounds of gear and on hot days (I finished after three visits) I felt like my heart would come out of my chest. I revised a little at home.


  1. This painting has such sensitively modulated shades of green, and such perfect use of value and perspective, it almost looks like a photo. Love the detailed grass in the foreground, and the way the road gets more generalized as it recedes. The masses of the trees read intelligibly depite their number and complexity. Very nice work!!!

  2. I love the space in this. 30x 40 is a great size. Did you do prints of it?