inspiration Point and Blake Gardens

Inspiration Point 

Blake Gardens
I am behind in posting.  I was reminded at Inspiration Point about how much I like to look at the hills in California in the summer. I think we should find a place near Mt Diablo to paint  soon.  And Blake gardens is a very comfortable place to paint but also very difficult because it is so inclosed. It takes some thought to find a structure for the composition for me.


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  2. Love the Inspiration Point painting and that sense of being up high, looking down on a panoramic view of those amazing California hills. (I went to Blake Gardens again yesterday and it was full of painters and kids and hard to find a subject to paint, so I took lots of photographs of the fish instead).

  3. I'm up for MountDiablo!
    I'm hoping to paint with you guys this Saturday. What's the location?

  4. I like both of these paintings. In Inpsiration Point, the yellow/red hillside is gorgeous in an almost abstract way, and the sky and tower are suggested with beautiful brushwork. In Blake Gardens, the pink house makes a strong but sweet statement in the midst of all that green. You suggest a lot of variety in the foreground, without getting into fussy detail.