Angel of Tires, Port Costa

I attended the Port Costa Art Show this last weekend where Larry and I had some paintings. This was about a week after I painted the "Angel of Tires". I hung the paintings I had done of Port Costa. It was a charming small town event hosted by people who have lived in Port Costa for years and knew everyone in town. I found out the "ATE Theatre" painting I sold was actually of a sign from the State Theatre brought over from Benicia by a Bill Rich.

The Story of the Angel
Over ten years ago a man and his wife lived on the third floor along with their daughter. The baby had some kind of abnormality and she died while they lived here. The father asked Bill Rich if he could paint a tribute to the baby.

The inscription above the Angel, appears to be:

Rayla Marie
9/14/93. 1/21/95

Marilyn Hill
15 X 11"

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