Pupuseria on San Pablo Ave

This was one of those paintings I was convinced  I was ruining. I have always loved the brightly colored pupuserias, meat markets and taquerias of Richmond and San Pablo. To be specific, I love the irregular signage and of course, the colors. At first I struggled with the cadmium yellow of the building, then decided I could not capture it with the pigments I had. The other struggle was the Kragen Auto Parts sign, which I had at first done with a palette knife and then continued with a brush. My final challenge was the changing light. I edited out some details from this 18 x 18" oil when I revised it at home, not thinking they were necessary for the overall feel.
A pupuseria is a Salvadoran restaurant serving pupusas, a  handmade corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and eaten with pickled cabbage.

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