Julie at the Hoffman Marsh

We were lucky it did not get drizzly until after our three hours were up. Julie was right in front of me and we did not have that much space.  The grassy area between Rydin St. and the marsh is not that wide. Everything was wet.

Julie paints with another outdoor painting group and joins us occasionally. She was working on a wonderful painting of the marsh itself that included the Central Ave highway 80 overpass in the background.

This is a 20 x 16" acrylic on canvas. I used a lot of matte gel for the green grass and the sky, and kept changing the marsh behind the eucalyptus trees. I may continue to revise this painting. I usually line up three or four paintings and revise them simultaneously.

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  1. I love the way you painted the grass here.Also the larger plant in the middle ground. Makes me want to try acrylic!