Monday, March 15

We will be painting at the Hoffman Marsh. This is the marsh that lies between the popular Point Isabel dog park and highway 580. The marsh is a delta for a creek that leads to San Francisco Bay, and it is one of only a handful of undestroyed wetlands in the Bay Area. Says wikipedia that "there is currently a controversial proposal to add a 98,000 sq. ft.Kohl's department store on a site between Costco and the marsh. Many residents are worried about potential negative effects that increased nighttime lighting that will have on endangered birds. The Richmond Annex Neighborhood Council has officially opposed the project."
Directions: Please note that the entire marsh appears as part of the bay on Google Maps. That is, under water. Don't panic. From highway 80, take the Central Ave exit and turn west towards the bay on Central. Pass the entrance to highway 580 to your right, cross over 580, and turn right immediately after, on Rydin Rd. We will not be meeting at the end of Rydin Ave where the side entrance to Point Isabel includes a parking lot. We'll meet instead at the corner of Central and Rydin. Park along Rydin (they have never given tickets) until you're sure of where you'll be painting, then you can relocate your car to a more permanent spot. There are bathrooms and water by the Point Izzie parking lot.

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