9th and Camelia

Two months ago I was going to finish my painting of the church on 8th and Camelia, but when we got there, there was a memorial service going on. We realized it would be terrible to stand across the street, finishing our paintings while people cried in front of the church. So we went a block away to 9th and Camelia. I loved the extra-wide sidewalk and the car lineup. Phillip and Kendall were there and I was able to include them in the otherwise barren landscape. But when I got home I had to admit the figures were too small. After 24 hours of deliberation, I gave in and scraped them, but not without first taking a cell phone photo (you can find it here) to use as reference for the second attempt. The finished painting shows the correction I made to the figures, as well as the revised sidewalk, which I lightened.

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