Monday, June 27

We had a good day at Pt. Pinole last week and will return on Monday.

From 80 take the Richmond Parkway exit and make a left at the light, stay on center lane so you can continue without turning on Richmond Parkway past San Pablo Ave. Take the Giant Rd exit ramp. Make a right at the light and go downhill. Make another right at the light and cross the railroad tracks. Continue on Giant Rd past the development on your left. The park will be on your left.


  1. I tried to comment earlier: I did. Now it's gone. Is this the software?

  2. I see a comment you made down below on the other Pt. Pinole post. Is that the one you mean?

  3. Yes. Sorry. Posted wrong place,no wonder. However I notice under the original post it will say "0" comments and just below that "1" comments, so it can be confusing.