Lake Anza

We will return to Lake Anza on Monday, April 30. It will be good to see what spring looks like at the lake

Lake Anza, Tilden Park This shady romantic lake features hundreds of "nooks" for curious painters to discover. The walk to the lake's edge involves stairs, paved and dirt paths and takes about three minutes. The shaded painting spots are comfortable,and there are bathrooms and drinking water close by.. It is hard to give really good directions because there are many entrances to Tilden park. We usually go in at Spruce street. The best thing you can do is go to Google directions.  Just type in Lake Anza, Tilden Park to get directions from your house. Once you are in the park, there are a lot of signs that will help you find the lake. If the parking lot closest to the lake is closed, you may have to park in the lower lot. There is a set of stairs up to the other lot and then a paved flat path to the lake. There is also a shortcut from the parking lot to the paved path to the lake.

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