4 PM, Rumrill and Market

I had finished this painting a few weeks ago, but was unable to photograph this one and several others because my camera lens was broken. It is part of the Immigrant Neighborhood series, to be shown at the San Pablo Gallery. Please don't miss the opening, this Saturday, February 26, from 1-3 pm.

I did some revisions from memory. This was a large (24 x 36") canvas, it was very cold, and so it took me two consecutive Saturdays to even get it to the point where I could revise it in my studio. Thank God for acrylics! I painted the figures consecutively. First I marked the spaces where I wanted figures, then, when I saw somebody I liked, I placed their figure in the spot I had reserved. Most were waiting for their order and stood still. The car nearest to the viewer is Karen's. The woman working inside the Los Grullenses taco truck came out to see the painting and said she loved it.

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