Sakai Nurseries, Richmond

The site of the former Sakai nurseries is going to be demolished soon. Since most of its toxic grounds will be replaced with brand-new, low cost housing, Marilyn arranged for a visit led by her friend Ellen. Visitors have to register and show ID, so it was drizzly by the time we started setting up. The fine mist did not allow the paint to dry or even become tacky in this large canvas (30 x 40") and I ended up doing the same as Fran, I took cover inside one of the warehouses. I had to wipe everything and start all over again. The sky got darker and darker,  and by the time we had to leave, I had painted 80%. I finished it the next day in my studio. I used a cell phone picture, and a photo that Marilyn took and sent me later. This painting shows the Sakai family house (which will not be demolished), two greenhouses, and in the middle, one of the workers' quarters.

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