Nolan Andress Memorial Fountain

This fountain is in the Alvarado Square near some city offices in San Pablo, CA. I started to draw this and was rushing before the shadows covered it. I didn't succeed. After the shadows covered it, all the life and sparkle of the fountain disappeared. I took some photos, however, and was able to work from them to complete the painting. The fountain is in a walkway between the building and another wall at the foot of some stairs. So, it is not in full light for very long.

Larry Hatfield
10.5 x 14.5" Watercolor


  1. Lovely painting, beautiful composition and color. I'm sure the mayor will love this - he told me there are 5 fountains all together at the city offices but I can still only remember 3.

  2. Excelllent use of the dark shadow area behind the fountain. I like this a lot Larry