Saturday, July 17

We return to Crest Avenue in Point Richmond, home to a great variety of urban and regional parks. Bring your own water and a cell phone. Let others know you are coming.

Directions: From Berkeley, take 580 towards Marin and get off at Gerrard. Get off on Castro St exit and make a left on Castro Street. Go under the freeway and you will end up on Tewksbury Ave. Make a left on Tewksbury and continue along the freeway until you hit Washington Ave. Make a right on Washington and go to the small plaza with a statue. The road forks. Stay on your right continue up the hill on Washington. Pass Scenic St. and make a left on Crest Ave. Park at a small lot near the end of Crest Ave, by the trailhead.

From elsewhere, just take Richmond Parkway west all the way past the dump, and get off toward the end, on Castro St. North. Follow the same instructions as above to gt to the en of Crest Ave..

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