View of Chevron(?) from Crest Avenue, Point Richmond

Standing under the shade of a large tree, I decided to concentrate on the vast industrial complex to the east of our spot (I presume that it's Chevron and other chemical plants). The pattern of train lines and freeways was fascinating and speeding cars were so tiny and fast I decided to leave them out. The industrial colors were also quite beautiful when viewed from this distance and I really enjoying applying the paint on this day, without worrying about it looking fake. I may add more to this because I didn't complete the hills on the horizon and far distance but I suspect that I might overdo it again and am tempted to leave this as it is.


  1. i like the abstract quality of this painting. It feels right and describes the place. The color range is very pleasing. A very good painting.

  2. I agree with Karen. I love that you stopped where you stopped, not describing excessively. You did some judicious editing too!