Albany Hill

It was a rare day at the Albany Bulb with little wind. I wanted to do a view back at Albany from the Bulb and their are some great views without going to far from the parking lot.  I worked this quickly and strangely used little water. The canvas seemed miniscule after working on the larger size in my last painting. It is 18 by 24.  I was glad the sun was not out because I loved the grey of the sky. It started to come out just as I finished.  Karen


  1. I like your colors in this one Karen. Albany Hill looks really good from there.

  2. I was thinking about putting up something on Albany Patch about your Albany paintings, with some images included. Would this be all right? Otherwise, I'll just put a note about it on facebook. Very cool! (Albany Patch is basically an online newspaper all about Albany --

  3. Hi Emilie,
    Just noticed your comment. Sure please include the image. I would like to do more paintings of albany also. Thanks