Second and Cedar St. #2, Berkeley

Down from the first Graffiti wall I painted, was this image. Again I experimented with adding my own graffiti to the painting of graffiti; there is a lot of texture as well. Brushwork alone did not seem to capture the seediness and the "less than virginal -done upon look" of the site.

At the paint-out I heard someone comment about a painting being decorative or not decorative (decorative implying a bad thing). It stuck in my mind as an odd comment, because isn't all art an embellishment on a vision of reality?? After all we are just using paint and canvas. Don't we need to think how art is used most often—to adorn or honor a space? In fact, I have decorated this painting and it does seem appropriate to the subject.

Marilyn Hill
20 X 15

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  1. Again - very tasty - decorative or not - these make a great series and I'd love to see them all hanging together in the same space.