Selby Farm Building

Selby Farm Building doorway. There was a mysterious look to the darkened doorway. You could see something in there but you were not sure what. After I scanned this, I scraped out some white in the naked ladies flowers in the foreground. This is the first time that I have used Payne's Gray in a painting. I just couldn't figure out what to mix for the very dark roof, so the base is Payne's. I was really not happy near the end of this one, so I added more Payne's Gray, and some Perinone Orange in the shadows and the posts. Then I darkened the edge of the roof.

Larry Hatfield
10.5 x 14.5" Watercolor


  1. It was a strange kind of place and I like the mystery of this building with that row of 'naked ladies' against the dusty ground. Did you see the star trek figure in the other building?