Two Views of the Same Block in Berkeley

I went for consecutive Saturdays and ended up painting at the same location. I like the big (18 x 24") cement plant oil, done mostly with a palette knife on canvas. But I don't like the truck oil as much, done with brush on masonite. Still, the important thing is to get out there and paint, even if you hate the results. At least you are doing something you love and not sitting at home wishing you were painting.


  1. I tend to like the farm vehicles better(they are wonderfully rusted). But there is something about a shiney big earthmover that I see working on the mounds of dirt by the highways... But living most of my life in Berkeley, I must admit that most yards around the industrial section just look like litter boxes for the utility trucks...:)

  2. I like the truck a lot. Especially the detail of the dirty windshield. The truck has personality!