Little Pink Home, 22nd near Market

The residents in this little trailer park seemed happy to see the sun, work on their homes and picnic in the street after so many cold rainy days. Karen, Fran and I were painting Saturday. The neighborhood treated us like visiting dignitaries — taking our pictures, bringing us food, and sharing their artwork, their stories and their animals with us. It reminded me why painting outside so important to me.

I took one look at this little pink trailer among all its neutral colored mates and decided I must paint it immediately. It's the first time I used a magenta in the shadows.

Marilyn Hill
15 X 11


  1. Hi Marilyn, Just wanted to thank you for reminding us all of the importance of painting outdoors for the communities we visit, and for ourselves too. Well said!

  2. Oh, I also removed a cleverly disguised previous comment because it was spam.