Mira Flores, Oishi, Sakai & Maida-Endo Nurseries

After being granted permission to paint at the greenhouse site through the Richmond Redevelopment Agency we were joined by Ellen Grailing a photographer who has been photographing Mira Flores for many years. She showed us places to go and places not to go. I was excited.

The roses appeared to be lifting the greenhouses toward the sky. It was raining and the paint kept running together creating a rather Zen effect on the painting. When we were done, I must have put the painting on top of my truck where it proceeded to fly off into the anon. I recreated it here.We could do many paintings here if it were possible. There was wonderful stuff everywhere.

A Mini Historical Note
"According to Donna Graves, who wrote the historical component of the 2004 “Historic Architecture Evaluation: The Oishi, Sakai and Maida-Endo Nurseries,” the site contains “the only extant cut-flower nurseries begun by Japanese Americans before World War II in the entire Bay Area, and [is] the last remaining of Richmond’s community of Japanese American flower growers.”
To find out more about the Japanese flower growers

Marilyn Hill
15 X 11


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