Mobile Home Parks in San Pablo

I haven't been posting lately because my camera needed a new lens, then I found out I lost my camera chip, and could not buy an SD chip right away. Here are two mobile home acrylics roughly the same size, about 18 x 24".  The first painting, the one with the alley and the boxy mobile homes was done very recently on 23rd St and Market, in the company of a new member named Anne. I returned alone on a Sunday to finish it, when it was sunny enough. A man walked up to me and said he had seen us the day before, painting at 23rd and McBryde. The second painting was done in October when Darryl, Karen and I painted in front of Saint Anthony's Cemetery on El Portal Ave. The late afternoon light was wonderful. Inside the Chevy truck there was a Chihuahua named Little Toy that was very endearing. I may still place him in this picture (but on the street).


  1. When you posted that you were going to the alley at the mobile home park I went to google maps for a satellite view. Now I know I should have gone because you capture some very nice Ed Hopper-esque type view of East Bay Americana. Congrats!

  2. Wonderful paintings Rebeca. I love the shadows (especially in the top one) and the color palette in both.