Clark Road

This Friday, December 23, we will return to Clark Rd in El Sobrante, but because it is not Saturday, we will meet an hour earlier (please check your e-mail for the time). Please take into account that we will not meet on December 24, Christmas Eve. Remember that the Monday group will be going out on Monday, December 26.

The landscape includes a mix of pastoral views (there might be cows or horses) with a bit of suburban sprawl and the remains of El Sobrante's rural era. You are welcome to search this blog with the Clark search term to find examples of work done in that area. Take the San Pablo Dam Rd exit and go east. After passing Walgreen's and a couple of thrift stores, pass Hillcrest Dr, La Colina and Milton to your right. Clark Rd will be next, to your right. Go all the way to the end of the road where the trailhead is. There is limited parking, so arrive early for best selection. We will leave the parking lot and start walking up the fireroad promptly. It is likely to be cold. There are no bathrooms or running water.

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