Hoffman Marsh Canal

We will go out on Wednesday, December 28. This date is not part of our regular sessions, which take place on Monday and Saturday. This is an extra session we've scheduled taking advantage that there is a coordinator available, the weather is good, and that we will not be painting on Saturday December 31.

We will meet at the Point Isabel parking lot. On 80, take the central exit west toward Costco, and cross the 580 overpass, don't turn right on the exit. Once you've crossed the overpass, turn right on Ridyn Rd. If the Point Izzie lot is full, park along Rydin. You won't get a ticket. Once there, we will be walking a few yards outside of the dog park to the point where the canal turns into the Hoffman Marsh. This particular spot of the marsh looks quite lovely at high tide, with herons, grebes and assorted migratory birds witnessing your painting efforts. As luck would have it, 1:30 pm is when the tide will be highest on Dec 28. Please consult your e-mail for the time. There are bathrooms and running water at the dog park, but you must bring something in which to take your dirty water back home as it is forbidden to dump toxic water into the marsh.

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