August 24

We return to Benicia's waterfront. It is not as far as it seems, just 20 min from Berkeley, but be prepared for the toll after the Carquinez bridge. Take 80 across the Carquinez bridge, and take the 780 exit toward Benicia. Exit through the "East 2nd St." exit, but please note: you will be going in the north direction, as you cannot get off the exit and go south on East 2nd St. So go back (north) one block on East 2nd St., and turn around to go south on East 2nd St. Then turn right on Military Highway, and left on First Street, at the corner with the Civic Center Park. Go all the way down 1st St. until you're near the water, where the restored old railroad depot is. Please park at the bottom of First St. by the old RR Depot, where there is a parking lot.

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