Hoffman Marsh, belatedly

Hoffman Marsh was the very first landscape I painted with the East Bay Plein Air group. I was worried about the lack of a restroom, but it turned out not to be a problem--I got so wrapped up in painting, other considerations never entered in.

There were about seven of us painting this spot, and we didn't stray too far from each other, so we all had a chance to chat and look at each other's works.

I had a lot of fun with the grasses, and got a bit carried away with painting them. The technique sort of breaks down in the two yellowish masses at the right, one near and one smaller and more distant. These areas were in fact quite wild and wooly, but they don't read intelligibly in the painting. I'm tempted to repaint them in a tamer, more controlled way (like the yellowish grassy banks at the left, which read as grass).


  1. Diana, are you serious? Leave the grasses alone. You did a fantastic job with everything. I love this painting.

  2. I agree with Rebeca. I think this is my favorite. For me, not everything has to be completely descriptive to communicate the place.