Ships at Benicia

This acrylic is 15" by 30". At first I didn't feel up to the large size. And especially after I slammed the trunk of the car on my thumb. The pain finally went away and I was able to find a warm and windless view of the ships. There was also a very pretty marina to my left. But I chose the view to the right of the Carquinez bridge. The large size was much better for my brushwork. I think I need to stay about this size or larger.



  1. I'm really liking the colors in your boats and water. The size really works for this subject. I'm just beginning to learn to work in acrylics and it is pretty challenging for me!

  2. Thanks Janice,

    I am hoping to meet you soon. Sorry I could not come on Sunday but maybe we will see you at Annie's

  3. Hi Karen - I work on Mondays but I'm hoping to catch y'all during the lunch hour to say Hi.

    Where will you folks be on Labor Day and Columbus Day (two Monday holidays for me)?

  4. Janice, I am going to ask people to submit places on the listserv. I haven't posted Annie's for two weeks in a row in case people don't like it.