Benicia and China Camp

China Camp has so many good views, it seems inexhaustable. My first day there, I set up next to where Vicki was working, on a hillside pathway, and did this view of a cove with an island and a little inland pool. The day got brighter and brighter, and the little pool looked impossibly blue. Bicyclists zoomed past us on the pathway, calling out their opinions of our paintings as they went by.

My second time at China Camp, I didn't even leave the parking lot. Instead I set up near some other ladies from a different plein air group, and painted this view of a long pier and some buildings. It was great to meet more painters, and I joined them for a critique at the end of the session.

Benicia was so windy that I wimped out and positioned myself on the leeward side of the cute little restroom building. This kept me and my canvas from blowing away, but offered rather limited views. I hate everything about this painting of Benicia.


  1. Actually the Benicia painting has an interesting viewpoint. Bear with me: try doing a mental "crop" across the painting at a point just under the grasses toward the light posts. It gives me the sense of a blustery wind and it works that way too!

  2. I am glad to see these paintings. I wish we all would make more of an effort to show and tell after each session. I thrive on the camaraderie. I usually learn something too.

  3. Diana, your strong drawing skill shows in every painting. I love the color choices as well as the very expressive brushstrokes. One of my favorites is your Benicia painting! Rebeca

  4. The top two are a couple of my stronger efforts, and I'd like for them to be considered.

    The bottom one (Benicia) is a dud, in my opinion, so I'd like to leave it out of the running, please.