After slogging around on some muddy trails, Rebeca and I found a place to paint. I added some color to the buildings. They were so dull, probably neglected since that Navy left. I was using a half sheet (15x22") on a board. I was trying out my 2" brush. I have another 2" brush with a slanted end that is a little easier to get into the small portable palette paint wells. So, I used a butcher pan for the paint for the under painting and water with the 2". I thought that the orange building would stand out, but the clouds seem to have taken over.

Larry Hatfield
Watercolor 14x21"


  1. This painting has lots of beautiful and delicate thongs going on. I love the distant hills and the ominous clouds especially.

  2. Maybe you have thongs, but I don't believe in thongs.

  3. Ooooh,nice clouds. Nice hill, too--the shape
    really makes the composition, and the shading on the left side describes what's going on very well.