Monday, March 1st

We will be going to a regional park named Wildcat Creek Trail, located by the Richmond Parkway. This park was formed in the 70s when concerned neighbors organized to clean up the part of Wildcat creek that meets the bay, and you won't find it listed on the Regional Park website. This park is not to be confused with the Alvarado Park Wildcat Canyon Staging Area, located at the end of North Arlington Road. There are no bathrooms or water, but there is a small lot in which to park, and the terrain is flat. Tom Phinnaeus recommended the area as a place with good, varied views.

Directions: From 80, take the San Pablo or Barrett exit and head west towards the water on Barrett. Barrett ends at Garrard. Make a right on Garrard. The road curves and goes under 580. Pass Hensley and Gertrude to your right. Garrard becomes Richmond Parkway. On the other side of the road you'll see a junkyard, then the park's entrance, which does not have a big sign. The next turning lane is at Pittsburg Ave. Make a U turn on Richmond Parkway when you hit Pittsburg Ave, so that you can turn right at the nondescript park entrance. Park at the small parking lot and wait inside your car if you don't see anyone yet. You can also take the Richmond Parkway exit and make a right at the park's entrance after passing Giant Road, the dump, Parr and Pittsburg Ave.

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