Bull Valley Inn - Port Costa

I was going to just focus on the sign and the windows near it, then this guy sat down on the bench and I stretched out the composition to include him. This is the first time in 2 years that I included a person in my plein air painting. I came away feeling that I had made it more complicated than I wanted to. I also had to crop it a little since I tend to make the vertical lines lean to the left when I am drawing. I did it again. I have been playing around with some new brushes and so some of the brushwork is uncertain as I try different things. I used a 2" angled flat brush for the underpainting of cobalt & Ultramarine blue on the left background and perm. orange for the building in sun. I left the white for the sign and the guy's hair white.

Larry Hatfield


  1. I like your seated figure and his reflection but I also like the palm tree behind - you captured its character very well.

  2. The sun must have come out after I left. The building's texture is fantastic. I also like the figure you incorporated.

  3. Really gives it that Port Costa feel...