Vista Point at Carquinez

It was cold and windy overlooking the Carquinez Strait. I was perched on a ledge and at one point everything went flying. I had a decent version done when I decided to redo it to get more of the feeling of the grays of the sky and the water. I found I had to change the foreground and it no longer read like what I was looking at. When I got home I decided I liked it that way especially since I could not longer see what it was suppose to be. It is a 18 by 24 acrylic. Karen


  1. Really strong! The water and the skies are right on for that area. That's a big canvas for such a windy day - and the brushstrokes on the closeup look really good!

  2. Glad you survived the ledge and the wind. I think the color is very good indeed and captures all that swirling energy of the elements we were facing on such a gloomy day. Fran