Art and Monster Trucks at Port Costa

Okay, they were irresistible. Not the trucks themselves, but their reflection on the parking lot's deep puddles of dirty water. Karen and I noticed them at the same time and decided to paint them, but I had a square 20 x 20" canvas and had to make the composition work. I jumped on my truck bed and found it gave me a good view of the puddles. I also became an unwitting participant of the hotel's gossip from this vantage point. Just when I thought I was going to spend a wonderful half hour rendering the pink truck, a man who was going fishing parked a big 350 Ford right in front of the pink art truck. I promptly got off my platform to beg the good man to move it, and he obliged (thank you!). Karen got a good laugh from the whole episode, which she watched from a far corner of the lot. I ended up moving the bare mossy tree to the left, because it was sitting right in between the two trucks, but I left the rest pretty much the same way it looked. Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez

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  1. "Monday, MONDAY, MONDAY!!! See the monster truck rally at Port Costa! See the artists racing through town on their funny car search! MONDAY-MONDAY-MONDAY!!!" (Sorry I got carried away....:)