Bay Street, Crockett

This 18 x 24" acrylic on canvas has an interesting story. Karen, Annette and I drove up the streets of Crockett looking for a view of the strait, and ended up at Bay St. I walked up and down that steep street until I found a view of the bridges and the C & H plant, but once I had set up I noticed that right in front of me was a view of something I love: cars. Manicured places and objects have never held my interest the way deteriorated stuff does, so I pretended I was painting the strait, but I was painting the house directly in front of me. Its inhabitants were going in and out but never once said hello, so I took that as a clue that perhaps a second visit wasn't in the stars. The boat's owner, I overhead, was leaving the following day for Colorado, so I took a cell phone camera picture and left at 1 pm. I got home with just an underpainting and some quick color notations. The challenge was to finish the painting maintaining the color scheme I had seen. I also wanted to preserve the detail I could have noticed while standing in front of the house, but all I had was my memory and a cell phone pic as references. So the brushstrokes aren't as loose as my other work, but I think the colors came out ok. Rebeca


  1. Rebeca says: Well I guess few people liked this painting, ha ha! That's okay. I think we should say when we don't like something. Then the feedback is richer.

  2. I like the picture but haven't felt up to making comments lately. In fact I like it a lot and think you should do more with the super kind of realism you are able to do.

    (But I don't want people telling me they don't like my paintings.)