Meeker Slough Pier

My preconceived idea was to paint the broken down pier. A photo that I saw online showed a small building at the end, but that was gone. As I was on the path near the pier, I realized that the sun would be right in my eyes soon, so I went back to this view. It had the advantage of a small spot of shade also. I had composed the painting with Albany Hill and the Berkeley hills in the background. Then the sun seemed to light up that middle-ground marshy area and I knew I had to try to capture that. The reeds nearest me were more dry dull. The pier became less important. I was trying to keep an area white that was a bird on the post at the end of the pier, but I accidentally painted over it. I think I'll crop some off the sky because there is some sort of blotch in the middle top that appeared and I don't know what caused it.

Larry Hatfield

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  1. Rebeca says: You have a great ability to convey the atmospheric qualities of the East Bay. In this picture, what I like the most is everything that is behind the pier. The hills and condos, and of course the sky. You did the marsh's edge and the water's reflection very believably in terms of color. Even your marsh colors are more intense than usual. These marshes demand quite a bit of time-consuming texture.